About myself

Cherniaev Michael

Full-stack Web Developer, Currently working with OpenText platform.

Moscow, Russia



2008 – 2013 The State University of Management
Managerial Information Systems Institute,
Specialist in IT Management.

  • Educational program:
    Project Management, SQL (DB architecture, ER Models), Business Analysis (A/B analysis, SWOT, etc., ARIS Software), Risk management, C++ (fundamentals), HTML/CSS, Math (Linear algebra, Statistics)
  • Graduate work:
    Developing of Decision Support System for Microcredit Company
  • Additionally: 2012 February – 2012 June Hochschule Pforzheim, Exchange program, Trade Operations, Economics

Work experience

October 2022 – Present time AlfaStrakhovanye – Insurance company

Oscript (Content Server), Golang developer.
Architecture, design, development of the B2B product (Go, React, Typescript, Docker, Mongo, Redis), integrated with Internal ECM System (OpenText Content Server).

December 2017 – October 2022, RosEuroBank/SovComBank, OpenText Web Developer.

Supporting existing system, developing new functionality (such as document logistics inside bank, personal cards logistics) of ECM System. Technologies: Oracle DB, SQL Developer, Eclipse, HTML/CSS/Javascript/Jquery/Bootstrap adaptive layouts, Service architecture, Little bit of JAVA (TIKA libraries f.e.), PDF JS.

UI/UX prototyping, analyzing users needs, Created mechanism of categorizing documents – looks like folders and documents, but it is only documents’ attributes by which hierarchy of folders is building and outputs in HTML page. In few words – like SQL group by. Server side grouping and sorting, front side rendering.

Creating Personal Cards Logistics System. (UI/UX prototyping, analysis, coding). Creating mechanism of showing tutorials (highlighting elements) describing new functionality within system, for different users.

March 2015 – October 2016, LANIT, OpenText Web Developer

Developing / remaking front-end part of OpenText (it has table tr td layouts), using Bootstrap, developing functionality accordant to project, documents flow. Technologies: MSSQL/Oracle, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, Bootstrap/adaptive layouts, HTML, CSS, Oscript (OpenText Object oriented language). Took part in UI/UX prototyping, analysis of business users needs, remaking complex parts of very new (for me) software

July 2013 – September 2014, Interprocom,

IBM Maximo Consultant, BIRT reports developer – SQL, XML, DB2

2011 – 2012 OTR, Moscow, IBM Maximo Consultant Internship
2009 – 2011 Laboratory assistance The State University of Management


html, css, javascript, nodejs, oscript (open text), golang, sql, typescript, docker, git- gitlab

What I also tried:

jQuery, ARIS, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle Pl/SQL,Less, Redmine, BPWin, Eclipse, erWin, IBM Lotus Notes, Google Analytics, AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, CMS WordPress, Bitbucket

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