Adobe Flash and Chrome and SoundCloud

Early in the morning I opened Chrome to see how good or bad is my scroulette app. In Chrome music doesn’t play, wtf…

Dev console and the network tab showed me that browser trying to load some flashSound.swf stuff. Ok, Google…

This link , and this link , and this answer:

After investigation it seems to be related to issues with the flash player. Proof is that if you go here chrome://plugins/ and disactivate the flash player it will work again in Chrome. But obviously when developing a site you don’t want the site to work just for you.

Soundcloud Api seems to use soundmanager2 as a base to handle audio stream that itself have 2 modes flash and html5. The issue is that if the flash player is avaible it will try to use it and fail while if it’s not available it will just use html5 and work right away.

So, according to this comment I decided to know what’s going on with Adobe Flash. Yes, it was turned on and then I turned it off. Now scroulette works.