Why you should try the SCRoulette

It’s a good question, isn’t it?

First of all, what is SCRoulette? I tried to describe it, also with including of the tutorial, here… But, it’s boring.

So, SCRoulette is a free tool to promote your music within SoundCloud service. The basic actions that are expeced from users:

  1. Log in with SoundCloud
  2. Add your own songs
  3. Listen to other music
  4. Optional – give good comments to music you loved

Basically, main idea is to listen to music and allow other musicians listen to your songs.

You may say “…man, SoundCloud has a search tool, new Discover feature and so on…” Yes , you are right, but, for example, my songs are not appear in the search, and your songs are not appear there so often too, I think =) So, with scroulette I hope to build self moderated community and now I can say, that practically every song in scroulette may be heard by somebody.

But we need more people XD

And yes, it’s free (as I said it onse, just in case =) ), but scroulette does not give you promises to increase the number of followers in 10 times in one second – only when other people really liked your music. I think it’s honest.

Enjoy! _______________b( O_o )d